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Tooth brushing alone only accesses 60% of the tooth surfaces, the other 40% are accessed via interdental cleaning (cleaning between the teeth). The two main forms of interdental cleaning are interdental brushes and floss. Interdental cleaning should be completed once a day. We advise that patients use interdental brushes (tepes) where possible as they are more effective but floss can be used for gaps which are too tight to fit an interdental brush. 
Interdental brushes come in a range of sizes/colours, your dentist or hygienist will inform you of the best size to suit you. Interdental brushes should be a snug fit for the most effective cleaning, they can also be dipped in an antibacterial mouthwash during use. It is often the case that patients will require more than one size/colour to clean all of the gaps in the mouth effectively. After use interdental brushes can also be cleaned with water and dipped into an antibacterial mouthwash if the patient wishes before storing and used for up to one week. Interdental brushes should be thrown away once the bristles become sparse or the wire is bent which hinders use. See below a video to demonstrate interdental brushes.

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